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As I write this, I am working from the beach in South Carolina. Our time-share looks out onto a lagoon with palm trees and live oak trees filled with Spanish moss, egrets resting in their branches at twilight. Being here on Edisto, a coastal island I’ve been visiting since I was 7 years old, fills my heart with joy and appreciation for my good fortune.

The last 18 months have proven that many of us are able to work from anywhere, and I am grateful I’m able to do what I love in a place that I love. I am so grateful to be a part of this wonderful industry—I’ve learned from friends in other industries what a unique opportunity it is to work with so many generous and compassionate people. I cherish that I have gained not only a profession that I love but lifelong friendships, many of which already span decades.

Since we haven’t been able to be together in person during the pandemic, I am grateful for opportunities to connect with colleagues during industry events such as Love & Relo, View From the Top, SABA, Clubhouse, regional and national ERC and CHPA events, and virtual happy hours. Thank you to each of you for working so diligently to put these events together to keep us all connected.

I am thankful to see our industry rebounding. I am grateful for my clients and the opportunity to provide a safety net for transferees when they are at their most vulnerable. And of course I can’t wait to see you all in person in the months ahead!

Sending you each my deepest gratitude and love,

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Street Wise

We talk to Marel Nunziato, Senior Vice-President of Primestone Housing Solutions, to discuss global growth and what happens when a laptop goes missing!


The Uh-Oh Moment

The Call You Never Want to Get From Your Employee


This month’s Uh-Oh Moment comes from Emma, who recently moved from Boston to London.

Last weekend, my husband and I invited a few friends over to cook up some delicious local seafood.

The evening started out great - the clam chowder was a total hit! Next up was fresh-off-the-boat shrimp, cooked under the broiler. 

Cooking the shrimp went great until…

My husband, Ted, basted them with an oil-garlic dressing. Suddenly the whole pan ignited!! Smoke alarms blared as we frantically tried (and failed) to fan away the smoke.

Then we made an even worse mistake: in a panic, we rushed the flaming pan to the sink… where the kitchen blinds caught on fire!


One 911 call and a charred kitchen later, the party was over and a sickening though set in: what on earth are we going to tell our landlord?

Then I remembered: my global mobility manager may be able to help. Surely enough, I called him and he calmed me down and told me that my employer had me covered with Jacob Street’s global group renter’s insurance.

All I had to do was shoot off a single email, and the claims process was started. So easy!

Jacob Street saved the day! And don’t worry - I’ll be ordering takeout from now on!

Ladurée Giveaway! 

Congratulations to Vini Valverde, Director of Global Mobility at UPS! You’re this month’s lucky winner of a box of Ladurée macarons from Rue Jacob.

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